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1Sem 2013 Investments and Sales Generated from the SMILE Program

posted Nov 13, 2013, 12:19 AM by Dtiph Rehiyon Dose

Out of the several Supply Management thru Investments for Large Enterprises (SMILE) Program Business Opportunity Seminars cum Business Matching Activities held in the different provinces in Region 12 during the first semester, a number of investments and sales were generated.

San Miguel Foods, Inc. (SMFI) one of the speakers during the BOS held in Sarangani Provincial Capitol last March 07, 2013, recently reported to DTI-NERBAC 12 that a follow-up activity was conducted by DTI-Sarangani Provincial Office a week after the event, eventually paving the way for a series of meetings with cooperatives in Sarangani. As of June 28, 2013,  Malapatan Multi-purpose Cooperative has already submitted the documentary requirements for cassava consolidation to SMFI. SMFI, in return will provide them with planting materials worth PhP4,000/hectare for an initial of 20 hectares, generating an investment lead of about PhP80,000.00

Philippine Trade Center Incorporated, a cornstarch processing company in Cotabato City that has attended the  Business Opportunity Seminar cum Business Matching Activity held last May 19, 2013 at Cotabato City,on the other hand, made an initial delivery to Alsons Aquaculture Corporation last month of about 33 tons of corn gluten. Said delivery is worth PhP990,000 pesos as Alsons bought the said product at PhP30/kilo. Corn gluten is  a by-product of cornstarch processing through the wet milling process.

As of June 28, Philtrade reported to DTI Cotabato City that it has increased its supply of corn gluten to Alsons Aquaculture Corporation's Feedmill Division. From  33 tons initial delivery, it has added another 33 tons for the month of July, which is equivalent to PhP990,000 of realized sales. So far, the two deliveries already amounted to PhP1.98 M.

Patwoods Processing Inc. reported to DTI-NERBAC 12 that out of the Business Matching conducted in Cotabato  City last May 19, DCN Mini Saw Mill, whose owner has a plantation somewhere in Odin Sinsuat, Maguindanao is currently processing documents from DENR for the supply of gmelina and mahogany logs at a capacity of 16,000 board feet/month. Patwoods is negotiating that the price will range from PhP14 -PhP26 per board foot. Tablons (big logs) can have unlimited lengths of about 8feet-up but priced at PhP14/board ft.; Lumber which has a min. of 6ft costs higher at PhP26/board ft. This development, given no glitches/hindrances, will generate minimum sales of  PhP224,000 per month and maximum sales of PhP416,000 per month.

Lastly, Mr. Abijay, Manager of MUTI, has expressed his need for a supplier of cooking oil when he attended the South Cotabato BOS last March 13. He has plans of putting up a cooking oil retailing station, hence his need for a supplier. Mr. Abijay was matched with Magpet Industrial Resources Cooperative (MAGIRCO) of Kidapawan City, owner of a banana chip processing plant capable and willing to supply 200 kilos of cooking oil @ PhP35/kilo as initial delivery. This resulted to an initial investment of half a million pesos (PhP500,000) including cooking oil tanks. The processing of business permit/license is currently underway with a target opening date for the first cooking oil refilling station by the fourth quarter of 2013, with additional branches in the next years.