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DTI-NERBAC12 conducts Company Visits for the Second Semester

posted Nov 13, 2013, 12:34 AM by Geovanni Man-on

    DTI-NERBAC 12 conducts a series of company visits to large and  small  & medium enterprises alike in the region to promote its Supply Management thru Investments for Large Enterprises (SMILE)  Program.

    A total of 16 companies are  visited by NERBAC in July, four of these are done together with the Board of Investments Gensan Desk Officer and Intellectual Property Officer. The said sixteen companies are:  1)Stone Works Specialist, Inc. (shipbuilding)  2)Ocean Deli Marketing  (tuna semi- processing, 3)Philippine Kingford, Inc (tuna exporter). 4)Phil. Cinmic Inc. (tuna exporter)  5) Southern Philippine Power Corp (SPPC) (energy-related)  6) Gensan Aqua Traders (tuna exporter)  7) Isuzu Gensan (Car Distribution)  8) JFZ Enterprise ( exporter of Coconut and Oil Palm Processing by-products)  9)Econergy Corporation (bio-diesel)  10) Jo's Manokan,(Restaurant)  11) Bio- Crest Cooperative (Transportation)  12) Cake box ( Bakery and Food Products)  13) Jo-anns Bakeshop (Bakery and Food Products ) 14)Horizon Canning (tin can manufacturer) 15) Century Agriculture  Corporation (Coco water Exporter) 16) Arowana Corporation (Feedmill).

    These resulted to the identification of  102 products categorized into 12 types such as: 1) packaging materials: vacuum bags/plastics,  tin cans   2) industrial  machines care and maintenance supplies,parts ang accessories: WD 40, sand papers, paint brushes, bolts, knots, spare parts, synthetic oils, 3) cleaning agents and materials: ie. rags,  chlorine, detergent powder ,  liquid hand soaps, 4) agricultural products:  coconut husks, whole corn, soya, molasses, corn gluten, cassava meal, whole nuts (matured coconuts)  4) hygienic and sanitation kits: disposable gloves,  hairnets, lab gowns, t-shirts, aprons 5) fishing supplies: ropes, nylon rolls  6) car care and maintenance: tireblocks,  newspaper,  masking tape 6) Industrial wastes:  Free Fatty Acid out of Coconut & Oil Palm Processing ; coconut oil (used) 7) chemicals used for industries:  bleaching clay, methanol, caustic Soda, hydrochloric acid and  hypochlorite,ascorbic acid,nitrogen, calcium magneside, NalCo products, sulfuric acid  8) raw and processed food products and beverages: dressed chicken,  rice, mineral water, charcoal, buko, banana leaf, barbecue sticks, bangus, malasugi and other seafoods, vegetables, sugar, banana, camote, langka, gulaman, ice cream,  evaporated milk and achara , cake flour, sugar, eggs, baking powder, chocolates, butter, fresh milk, raisins, coffee, softdrinks,  and cake boxes ;  All purpose flour,  bread flour, yeast, firewood, monggo, peanuts, kamote, ube, meat, pancit,  calamansi, gulay, corn starch, pilit ;  limes, sacks (weaved)   9) safety gears like PPE, mask, goggles, safety shoes and hard hat, ear plugs, respirators, masks, 10) Fuel: coal,diesel oil, lube oil 11) logistic accessories: pallets, top frames 12)  Uniforms: office uniform; driver’s uniform  13) Office  supplies like bond papers, ball pen, printer ink, etc.

    All companies have shown interest to enroll in the SMILE Program  and become a part of DTI-NERBAC 12’s database of SMILE-enrolled companies .