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DTI NERBAC 12 Conducts Investment Dialogues, Begins Visit to Large Companies in Region 12

posted Jun 25, 2013, 10:24 PM by Geovanni Manon   [ updated Jun 25, 2013, 10:56 PM ]

The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) National Economic Research and Business Assistance Center 12 has started the conduct of various Investment Dialogues for the year thru company visits within Region 12. This activity is in relation to DTI 12’s Supply Management through Investment for Large Enterprises (SMILE) Program that aims to promote  and generate investments and increase sales and employment in the region.

To date at least 22 companies were already visited by NERBAC’s SMILE Program. These companies  are into smoked fish exportation, processing of milkfish value-added products,  feed mill, medical care and services, hotel and restaurant services and trading. Specifically, these are: MK Smoked Fish, Maruching Corporation, Santeh Feeds Corp (Tateh Corp), Grab A Crab Restaurant, Alsons Aquaculture Corporation, Sarangani Energy Corporation, Sarangani Cocotech Corp., East Asia Royale Hotel , Sydney Hotel , St. Elizabeth Hospital , Gensan Doctors Hospital ,Socsargen County Hospital , EMR Suites, The Farm@ Carpenter Hill, Pacifica Agrivet Supplies, Marbel Universal Trading Inc. (MUTI), Nadies Chicken Hauz, Asian Tongue Restaurant, Sun City Suites, Green Leaf Hotel, National Agribusiness Corporation (NABCOR) and Ranchero Grill. All of these companies showed willingness to be enrolled in the SMILE Program.

Several supply/material requirements were identified  during said visits such as the following: 

From the Fishery Products Exporting Group specifically the 2 SMOKED FISH COMPANIES (mentioned above): Fruit trees in the form of logs for firewood, uniform sets like t-shirts, aprons, hair nets and boots, liquid hand soap, tissue, alcohol, chlorine, powder soap, tuna (skipjack, bonito, round scad), firewood, packaging materials - carton, scotch tape, and black meat. 

From the Agribusiness Group,  specifically: 1) coconut husk processing enterprise:  whole nuts, rubber seedlings and copra, 2) from the GOCC (NABCOR);  whole corn. 

From the Feed Mill Companies:  rice bran, corn bran, soya bean meal, banana meal, cassava meal, banana chips, copra cake, coco oil, fish oil,  fish meal,  copra meal, U.S. soya meal, wheat (Australian) fish meal, corn gluten, feather meal, lignovan, molasses and vitamins. 

From the Hotels and Restaurants: Seafoods like crabs, prawns, live lapu-lapu and pompano, meat - pork & beef (various cuts), dressed chicken, chicken liver, coffee, vegetables (carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, sayote, cucumber, potatoes, uniforms,  T & B Cleaner, tiles cleaner, bath soap, shampoo with conditioner, dental kit, tissue, table napkins, condiments, soy sauce, mayonnaise, vinegar, cooking oil,  office supplies, disposable slippers, juices, flowers and styro cups. 

From the Medical Care and  Services: meat (halal) seafoods and  vegetables, tissue, laundry/detergent powders, disinfectants, soft brooms, adult diapers, linens, bath soap, shampoo with conditioner, dental kit, toiletries, laundry detergent, toilet tile & bowl cleaner, disinfectants, uniforms, bath soap, meat and vegetables, medical equipments, groceries, meat & vegetables, vegetable oil, waste disposal & segregation services, pharmaceutical products and equipment, raw food materials for dietary, etc. 

From the Energy Generation Firm: coal, diesel, limestone, sand, rags, industrial soap, manpower , laundry, electrical supplies and uniforms.

The above listed supply/material requirements are needed by the large companies in big volume and are generally open for business matching. Also conducted in the said visits are the promotion of NERBAC’s services, as well as campaigns for trademark registration.