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Project Profile Template




I.                    Title of the Project


II.                  Applicant/Contact Person


III.                Type of Investors

/_ / Institutional (e.g., Banks, Cooperative, etc.)

/_ / Public-Private Partnership

/_ / Individual Investors (i.e. angel investors, venture capitalist)

/_/ Grant


IV.                Executive Summary


V.                  Project Description

a.       Target Market:



b.      Development steps to be implemented to operationalize the process 




c.       Timeline



d.      Stakeholders



e.      Expected Barriers/Problems 


VI.                Market Aspect

Target market

    /_/ Domestic

   /_/ Foreign                    _____________Country


VII.              Technical Aspect

a.       Process flowchart/description

b.      Sources, availability and cost of raw materials

c.       List of machinery and equipment

d.      Issues which we need to be resolved (i.e. land ownership)


VIII.            Financial Aspect

a.       Sources of financing



b.      If possible, provide 5 year projections on income statement, cash flow, and balance sheet.

c.       Financial Ratios:



Payback period__________


IX.                Project Cost/Budget

a.       Fixed cost____________

b.      Working Capital (to cover the first 3 months operating and other costs

c.       Expected Investment –


X.                  Project Output




Outcome of the project


XI.                 Project Outcome







Output of the Project


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Nov 14, 2013, 12:58 AM